Insurance Products


Whether you're looking for individual or group health insurance, Campbell Insurance Services is your one stop resource. We can guide you through the decision process, answering all your questions about terminology and coverage. The bonus of using an agent or broker is that you continue to get personalized service after your policy is in force. We can help decipher communication from the insurance company and help resolve issues - whether with claims, billing, or coverage.


Looking for auto insurance options? As a broker of multiple insurance companies, you're not limited to just one choice when it comes to shopping for auto insurance. We can shop your policy to multiple carriers to find the best coverage for you. Bundle your auto policy with a homeowner's policy and save even more!


As with the auto insurance, at Campbell Insurance Services we shop your policy to multiple carriers to find the best deal for your most valuable asset. If you want to save even more, bundle your homeowner's with your auto policy and enjoy the savings.


Although you don't always want to think about it, part of your financial planning should include life insurance. At Campbell Insurance Services, we can guide you through the options to find the best policy to suit your financial goals and give you peace of mind for your loved ones.


When it comes to commercial insurance policies, Campbell Insurance Services is your best resource. We can make sure you have the coverage you need for all aspects of your business. Call to discuss your insurance needs and requirements.


Two often overlooked insurance products are disability and long term care. Are you self-employed? What happens if you're injured or sick and unable to work for a long period of time? Do you have enough savings to survive, or will you lose everything? With disability insurance, you will continue to receive income through your policy to help cover your essentials.

As for long term care, what happens if you're no longer able to care for yourself and your family can't take care of all your needs? Health insurance and medicare won't cover the cost for home health care. If you don't have large cash reserves, you will quickly run out of money and options. Long term care is a very valuable solution to this very common problem. Let us tell you more about this product.